Writing and Other Competitions

Writing contests are a wonderful way for students to hone their writing skills. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Practice makes perfect – the more you write, the better you’ll become.
  • Authentic audience – your writing will (often) be read by people experienced in the publishing industry. If you win your piece could be published for a wider audience!
  • Learning experience – whether you win or not, entering writing competitions is wonderful experience and will help to improve your confidence in writing.
  • Deadlines and parameters – writing competitions have specific parameters e.g. intended audience, subject matter, word count as well as a deadline. These boundaries help to focus your writing.
  • Develop perseverance – developing perseverance is key to success so keep trying.

Current Competitions

NOTE: Ensure you carefully read and understand the requirements of each competition you enter.

Kat Muscat Fellowship 2021
Submission date: 10th January 2021
Entry fee: None

SCINEMA Junior 2021
Submission date: February 2021
Entry fee: None

Anthology Magazine Short Story Competition 2021
Submission date: 31st July 2021
Entry fee: €15

Sunspot Literary Journal
Various competitions including poetry, artworks, graphic texts, non-fiction and fiction.
Submission date: Various – 2021
Entry fee: From US$3

Write the World
Submission date: Monthly competitions
Entry fee: None