Research Tools

The Information Skills Process (ISP) is a tool to help you with your research. Follow the steps of the ISP to develop and hone your skills for any task which requires you to find and present information.

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What do I really want to find out?
Steps in the process
• What is my purpose?
• Why do I need to find this out?
• What are the key words and ideas of the task?
• What do I need to do?
Where can I find the information I need?
Steps in the process
• What do I already know
• What do I still need to find out?
• What sources and equipment can I use?
What information do I really need to use?
Steps in the process
• What information can I leave out?
• How relevant is the information I have found?
• How credible is the information I have found?
• How will I record the information I need?
How can I use this information?
Steps in the process
• Have I enough information for my purpose?
• Do I need to use all this information?
• How can I best combine information from different sources?
How can I present this information?
Steps in the process
• What will I do with this information?
• With whom will I share this information?
What did I learn from this?
Steps in the process
• Did I fulfil my purpose?
• How did I go - with each step of the information process?
• How did I go - presenting the information?
• Where do I go from here?

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Cornell Notes

Lotus Charts

Literature Reviews

  • For information on how to write a literature review click here.

Bibliographies and Citations

  • Ask your teacher for requirements; keep records up to date – retrospectively is difficult.
  • Bibliography Generator – choose the style you need.

Evaluating Websites